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What Special Services Does NHH Offer?

Karen Laraway M. Ht. offers several special services.
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Reiki is a form of Japanese alternative medicine.  It helps alleviate stress and heal one’s natural energies.  After Reiki sessions, people are left feeling happy and energized.

AromaTouch Therapy

During an AromaTouch therapy session, essential oils are applied to contact points on the ears, the back, and the feet.  AromaTherapy helps alleviate stress, reduce inflammation, and return the body to homeostasis.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

The patient is brought to a state of deep relaxation to help him or her overcome issues, such as smoking or pain.  Hypnotherapy can also help people improve their self-esteem or prepare for challenges they may face.

Ear Candling

Ear candling removes excess ear wax in an easy and inexpensive manner.