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Nature’s Healthy Harvest 2017
Why Do We Need Vitamins and Supplements? Unfortunately, living in modern society detrimentally affects a person’s overall health.  A  combination of factors, including eating low-nutrient foods, fending off the effects of  stress due to work overload, and being exposed to harmful toxic substances on a daily  basis, all place enormous strains on the body.    Low-Nutrient Foods – Soil depletion, which is a significant problem in agricultural  production even when plants are fertilized regularly, prevents most plants from  producing optimal levels of nutrients.  As a result, the apple your great-grandparents ate  100 years ago would have had more nutrients than the apple your children are eating  today.  The best way to make-up for nutrient deficiencies is to take good quality vitamins  and supplements.  Since not all vitamins and supplements have high-quality ingredients   and/or are processed so they do not absorb properly in the body, it is imperative to take  high-quality vitamins and supplements that are made from the best ingredients and are  processed with the latest scientific technological lab equipment so that the nutrients  absorb into your body.  Scientific studies have shown that people who take high quality  supplements are healthier and lead more active lifestyles than those who don’t because  their bodies are getting the nutrition they need. 
Why Supplements?
Stress and Overwork – Our lifestyles today cause us to be on the go for extended  periods of time, which causes excess stress on our bodies.  With the average person’s  extremely busy day starting at around 6:00 am and ending around 10:00 pm, it is no  wonder that people are tired.  Most of our work schedules are extremely hectic and  mentally taxing, with taking care of e-mails, rushing to meet deadlines, and multi-tasking  a multitude of duties daily.  Our after-work hours are just as busy as we rush kids to  after school activities, pick-up groceries, cook dinner, wash the dog, etc.  The list of  duties seems never ending, which often leads to fatigue and illness.  Some people even  report having brain drain, a state where the brain feels foggy, as a direct result of  managing an overextended schedule.  Fortunately, some of nature’s best plants boost  our energy, de-stress our minds, and strengthen our immune system.  Specially  blended herbs that have been scientifically proven to increase energy, stimulate brain  cells, boost the immune system, and help with a variety of other needs are true  lifesavers to many people with hectic schedules.  
Toxic Substances – Whether it is toxins from Fukishima’s radiation, BP’s oil spill,  or any number of corporation’s smokestacks, our environment is more polluted than it  ever has been.  These toxins are poisonous to our bodies, and while many people do  not realize that there is any way to protect themselves from these toxic substances,  many other people are starting to realize that there are ways to use natural products to  cleanse their bodies of dangerous pollutions found everywhere in our environment.   Colloidal silver, detox teas, detox cleansing kits, and antioxidant foods, such as hemp  seeds and hemp products, goji berries, chlorella, turmeric (Curcumin), flaxseed, and  beetroot, can help cleanse heavy metal toxins from your body. 
Why Supplements?